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We know that pH is the key to balanced healthy skin.  pH can range from 0 (max acidic) to 14 (max alkaline) and adult skin tends to fall in 4 to 6 range.  But did you know that a baby’s skin pH varies with age and can also vary across parts of the body? We did a ton of research on pH and we found this study to be very helpful and informative.

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EWG – the Environmental Working Group collects data from scientific studies and uses it to give ingredients a ranking from 1 -10 (10 being the most dangerous). You can visit their Skin Deep database to enter in any ingredient names that you don’t recognize.  Just because something has a long scientific sounding name, it doesn’t mean that it is toxic. Some products require some of those scientific sounding complexes and ingredients to achieve a specific texture or to keep the formula from separating or changing color. We strive to use ingredients that rank a 1 on EWG.  A vast majority of trusted actives come from nature, but we do have some non-toxic scientific ingredients in our baby lotion to maximize its efficacy...

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Welcome to our QUEST blog.  Our mission is to share information and research here that we have found useful as parents. We began our research years ago when our own bebe Lynn started to show signs of skin sensitivity.  Her rashes, redness, and discomfort broke our hearts. We would have done anything to bring her comfort and spent hours upon hours researching, searching, talking to experts, and communicating with other parents.  We are hoping that we are able to share our story and give helpful links to information that we have found useful here.  We will post content within 5 key pillars: We invite you to share your feedback, ideas, concerns, and victories within our community, too!

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